Week 4, post 1

The first two sites I visited were and  Both of these sites had major problems with regard to aesthetic, ease of use/navigation and focusing on a concept.

The first thing I thought when going to Roverp6cars was the main page is way too busy.  Immediately your eye is drawn to everything that is flashing, while at the same time being pulled to look at the scrolling banners. Many different colors are used for the text.  I found it difficult to figure out what is most important to look at.  The navigation bar travels vertically down the side of the page rather than at the top.  The navigation buttons feature pics of rusted cars with type over the pic making the navigation buttons hard to read.  I also noticed the contact information for this company is somewhat buried in the middle of the main page rather than at the very top or bottom.  The page is so busy that I think the contact info would be easy to miss.

Roverp6cars could improve their site by simplifying…

Week 3, blogs I commented on

This week I commented on:
Tracey Walz
Adriana Macias
Jason Bush

Week 3, part 2

For this assignment, I decided to search out some of the hospitals in the area and check out their
social media presence.  I am in the healthcare field and thought I might discover something that
would prove useful in my professional life. For the most part, all of the hospital systems utilized
most mainstream social media outlets.  Some even have Google plus accounts, although not active. By far, Facebook is the most utilized platform.  One thing that stuck out to me was the negative
patient reviews that are seen immediately when I went to the Facebook pages of a couple of these
healthcare systems.  From what I could see, there were no responses from patient service reps or
quality control personnel responding to these reviews. From a business standpoint, I see this as a
major issue.  Interestingly enough, there were a few that didn’t appear to have a section that published
patient reviews, at least in a highly visible space. I have never set up a business page on Facebook,
so it m…